Is America Dead?

I bet my signal to noise ratio whomps Big Media’s!

Obama will do nothing to get a public option passed.

Future commentary: If we get a public option of any robustness, I now apologize in advance for my cynicism and hopelessness while others never, you know, surrendered. That said, query whether whatever P.O. we get balances the vile aspect of “reform” that is in no way in doubt, to wit, the mandatory purchase of insurance.

Meanwhile, document the the successes of the Insurers’ death panels here. Another example here.

Watch this, seemingly the only senator (Al Franken) that genuinely gives an honest shit:

In a real democracy, the Democratic leadership would be worried about this and do something about it.

Read this and weep if it doesn’t make you kill yourself first. Can we say now the spirit of 1776 is completely dead? Modern America has no substantive connection with its founding?

We financed Big Finance’s recent profits. That is, Big Financed profited by essentially stealing from us. Is this a great country or what?

But maybe, help for underwater home owners isn’t sooo necessary because many lenders have, in their greed, made it impossible to actually foreclose. Read why here — it may be your relief.

The U.K.’s National Health System works.

Just a thought while printing out pieces of Barron’s: Even if Big Banks refuse to deal with the overhang of crap debt, why would that mean people who need their money for food and shelter and stuff follow the banks’ example and fail to get their finances in shape even if it means paying down debt instead of buying more unnecessary stuff?

Another newspaper deliberately and knowingly spreads lies. So who needs it??

And that whiny little AIG fuck who cried on the op-ed page of the Times: did he actually give back his bonus or only cried because he was supposed to?

Good question: What are the ethics and morality behind a Faux News, the Times’ running Judy Miller’s and others’ lies pushing the Iraq war, the failure to report on the demented economy of the past few decades that got the world where it is now (latest example here, albeit published by one of the fiscal fuck-ups), a day spent on crap like “Balloon Boy”, and so on and so forth? What professional standards allow this?

Our The GOP’s America: If the Republicans are anti-Semites Jew Haters, then it must be a good thing. </sarcasticsnark>

Sickos! I know we have nutjobs on the “left” but any as sick as these, in such numbers or prominence??

Actually, the GOP’s support of the wingnuts makes perfect sense. Getting to actually vote the last untapped bloc of the electorate. Normal Republicans should their loyalty in 08 but the crazies would be dependable if they actually voted.

Oooh, 25 stories the media missed. And their flat-out inept, dishonest coverage of the Clinton presidency. And here’s a couple of just run-of-the-mill screw-ups that happen when you focus on the sizzle instead of the steak, as it were.

And here’s a round-up of the failures of the D.C.-centric GOP bitches of the punditocracy.

Is this how we get and stay stupid?

Chamber of Assholes Commerce.

Assholes: The lying opponents of the public option.

Assholes: Private security play-cops and the bigger assholes who provide them and retain them.

Asshole: President “Know-Nothing” McCain comes out against net neutrality. His basis? He’s paid to. (All about the whoring here.) That’s leadership, being an unthinking whore.

Assholes: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce. (Click the links; I am not being repetitive.)

Assholes: Big Media Liars united.

Assholes: The producers of “Law and Order”.

Junk Nikes!

Yeah, this time it’s different. Taking on excessive debt for no good reason is accepted as something normal. So: How do you make money paying too much and over-leveraging a rental development? By illegally boosting rents and still going broke on the deal. It’s a new era and the old rules don’t apply til they bite you in the greedy ass.

Nikke’s right (yet) again. Bye, Soupy!

8, 9 years to get a possibly decent upgrade to WinXP. That’s technology leadership, for sure.

Offensive -- or freaking awesome??
Offensive -- or freaking awesome??

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