Twilight, Continued

We may not return the affection of those who like us, but we always respect their good judgement. /.

All wrong-doing arises because of mind. If mind is transformed can wrong-doing remain? — Buddha

The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye. The more light you shine on it, the more it will contract. — Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny. /.

Sign this and protect me!

E-voting machines: Designed to rig elections. The proof is here.

Here, “patriotic” teabaggers, is your reality check, you nasty, stupid shits:

This is not what the Greatest Generation (mostly drafted) fought for:

Reagan freed the Capitalists to speculate as they would, the public well-being, literally, be damned. And this is what they did for us.

Seriously, anyone in killing Rush Limbo? Here’s his latest hateful, stupid insult. You remove cancers; he’s a cancer of society so….

And here’s how they make their profits when they refuse to lend: Steal taxpayer money. What else the fckrs are doing with our money.

A reminder of what Obama may be better than.

Epic fail: GOP/Pentagon lackeys’ policies fail in Afghanistan. Of course, these were the policies the GOP specialize in: Based on domestic consumption, completely ignoring the reality on the ground so the final policies have nothing to do with anything productive, just pandering to their share of the electorate. What is guaranteed from the party who never has anything good to offer.

Another one Big Media got wrong. Again, why are they considered too essential to fail? As published and produced now, they’re completely expendable.

Idiot. And the Times pays him for crap like this.

And the Times pays her for what seems an awfully perverse piece: Finding a mess of lame arguments against cancer screening, none of which really seem to hold water. Little more than an attempt to appear provocative. What’s the point? Some cancers needn’t be found so why screen at all? Encourage people to feel good if they refuse to be screened? And the bitch admits up front that screening has helped, just less than initially predicted. So again, what’s the point of this piece at all, let alone on the front page? Then again, this was the paper of the fiction writer/GOP flack Judy Miller so….

And it’s not real journalism, but here’s Faux’s 10 greatest hits.

More Journo Fail here. And another miss here. They get it wrong so often….

Our leaders; making America great:

Being this stupid or acting this stupid because you think an important number of people want to see you acting this stupid: What’s the difference?

This is rich: Rudy Giuliani’s former BFF thrown in jail prior to trial. GOP justice: Jail before trial.

And they’re un-American haters. But they’ve been for at least nearly a century now…. (And I bash the GOP more because they’re worse, more corrupt, and haters of a type that Dems just aren’t and as such are significantly worse for the nation. It’s pretty much the difference between malfeasance and nonfeasance.)

Still gratuitously anti-Semitic. Crackers are sweet and charming and completely full of hate for all others, as if the racist inventors of moonshine and crystal meth are any sort of paragons….

Speaking of Red State moral paradigms, look at this.

And they’re just plain hypocritical assholes, like G.H.W. Bush. Please, sir, do one last (allegedly) patriotic act for your nation and die. With your vile wife.

Here’s the sizzle, we gonna get any steak with it?

Sad. Small towns getting financially screwed by the usual suspects….

Something old new again: Usury.

Christian love.

Yahhooooooo!!! Clueless, stupid, assholes!

Professor Krugman reminds us that Big Banks’ profits are based on cooked books; the lies Big Media helps the banks spread. Contrary to Big Media, things are not all right. (Notch this up as another one in Big Media’s loss column.)

Just ’cause I think this is cool, and I still remember the first time I rode on two wheels. (OTOH, my daughter just got on and rode.)

If you made here, you’ve well-earned a little fun.


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