Truth: They Are ALL Crazed

Click on the image for the latest failure of hope.
Click on the image for the latest failure of hope.

Well, the Europeans still really love him but then, they aren’t stuck in two pointless wars and have far superior health insurance and coverage….

But underwhelmed as I am by a president elected with huge support and congressional majorities who nonetheless succeeds at accomplishing precious little except for self-aggrandizement and maybe wealth accumulation, I must support the award if for no more reason than it’s done this:

(More here.)

Amazingly, in response to the financial meltdown he has pretty much enabled Big Banks to be worse than they were while creating the crisis.

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. — Buddha

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error. — John Kenneth Galbraith

Who is more busy than he who hath least to do? — John Clarke

You know, if a single ACORN operation can tarnish an entire national organization, then certainly a single crazy America-hating wingnut can rightfully likewise tarnish an entire party and, for that matter, independent “conservatives” as well.

Complain about this

The class act that is the New York Post. Inexcuseable.
The class act that is the New York Post. Inexcuseable.

and get fired.

Another newspaper tries to goose sales with page one bullshit. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work (duh).

The Times misses a story: the destruction of leveraged buyouts. How could they possibly be good for a company? And the irony is that this, combined with crashed classified advertising is what’s putting papers out of business….

Asshole leader: Tom Coburn. I disagree with the leftist media on these scumbags. I fully believe that they know exactly what they’re doing or they’re exactly that stupid and/or corrupt. And whatever they are, they are no good for this nation.

See Mark Sanford’s latest scumbaggery here. A real class act, even by low pol standards. Any state (or party) who puts up with this crap deserves this crap. And here’s thirty GOP senators who believe rape victims should get raped again when they try to do something about their assaults.

And here’s yet another deranged and/o dishonest GOP “pundit”. (Query: When’s pundit going to be redefined as lying shithead?)

Query: Is the CBO still at least reasonably reliable or has it been corrupted by corrupt GOP leadership in Congress?

Speaking of corrupt: Big Media’s lying journalist-manques.

Asshole: The modern post-Reagan CEO: Destroyer.

Eight assholes at one link!

Again, why do we let corporations have paramount power over people? I mean, besides the fact that they have corrupted our political system? 200,000 Iranian protesters were ratted out by Yahoo. (Maaayybe not though.) Indefensible. (If it happened.) But that’s the way it is, the way we let it be…. (Whether or not it happen, it could and does in the modern corporatist culture.)

Necrophiliac turned simple asshole: Ralph Lauren.

Finance journalism still sucks.

Is it possible that Jesus has explicitly noted his disinterest in football? Wouldn’t that make him a sissy?

Shocker! The wingnuts lie again! And they’re sick, maybe every last one of them.

Michael Steele is actually correct in his list of Obama’s failures. His only error is that these are all areas where the GOP would do and has done worse so it clearly is not any alternative.

Nicholas I. Timko’s former BFF.

Dell fucks North Carolina, stealing $300,000,000. of taxpayer money.

The Queen of Teabaggers apparently owes a half million. Please, IRS, make her a martyr!

Parody, satire or simple truth? Watch it while you can:

New wingnut project: Make a mockery of the Bible and Christ’s message. (Full disclosure: I don’t think so much of Christianity, Christ’s message and the New Testament in the first place but I do recognize demented blasphemy when I see it.) Believers strike back?

So much for freedom in the greatest nation in the world: Here and here and here (well, the last one’s Texas so….

Obama fail.

Obama to the middle class (still): DROP DEAD. (P.s.: Being better than McCain doesn’t necessarily require being particularly good or even competent.) More here.

Sometimes, a good person is rewarded….

Why ours is a nation of morons and idiots. A smarter, more successful guy than I shares my opinion and elucidates with greater detail.

More entropy in the universe than previously believed.

Lousy leadership isn’t unique to us. Silvio Berlusconi gets his wrist slapped for an illegal maneuver. Maybe ours are worse though, defending corporate protection of rapists and all….

(More — maybe even everything — about the cave is here.)

I. Love. This. Movie:

The world is wonderfully strange.
The world is wonderfully strange.

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