Clearly, The Tide That Is The Destruction Of Our Nation Continues To Come In….

A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the pants. /.

Closet queens? No. Our Leaders: Closet Self-Haters.

Epic fail: California. It’s collapse can all be tied to Republican “leadership” and Democrat enabling of GOP policies. As ever, though, California lads. What the insane GOP policies wrought in California, likewise nationally.

The second V in the W-shaped recession is starting to form. How can it not? No support for the middle class consumers who support the economy and the only significant aid going to reinflate the speculation bubble and Big Finance allowed — encouraged — to be completely dishonest about their finances. (More here.)

I too wondered about the obsession with the CBO health care reform cost estimate. What about the savings? Never addressed by Big Media.

There is no justification for giving this sick fck any exposure. None:

Every night he’s broadcast is a scandal. Every time Big Media gives him any legitimacy is a bigger scandal.

And this is a shame. Where are the screaming teabaggers now?

Medical malpractice crisis? Only ones are incompetence due to malfeasance and the lies. Really, in cases of actual malpractice, the actual cost of course remains similar, only the source shifts. And in case there is no responsible carrier paying out some of the profits from premiums and investments, the cost would be greater when a victim files for bankruptcy. Actually, this is the real crisis.



America-hating governor.

This is who I think is hot, Chernobyl hot.
This is who I think is hot, Chernobyl hot.

This almost made me laff.

This you’ve earned if you made it this far:


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