It’s A Wonderful World

Your nature demands love and your happiness depends on it. /.

Here’s your real death panel, wingnuts: The lack of unaffordable health insurance results in 45,000 (presumably unwanted) deaths. Obamacare would have prevented this by forcing them to have purchased expensive health insurance at the risk of bankruptcy and then have treatment denied. (I of course exaggerate but not by so much.)

If the Taibbi health care piece was too depressing, or too depressing to read, try this — the current lost decade when it all went to hell; it’s *koff* a little lighter.

I barely parsed this and have no comment. I think it may be everything in something of a microcosm.

Here’s some real green shoots from 1944 — Hitler’s real defeat:

Oooh, Capt. Kirk had a Mac….

And to finish with something cheerful….


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