Starting the Week (Briefly) Out of My Mind for 3 August 2009

Bachelors should be heavily taxed. It is not fair that some men should be happier than others. — Oscar Wilde

Scumbags: How they steal: The AP charges for public domain material. Hey, it beats deling with making a quality product so, you know, maybe its customers can actually attract new readers.

What a shock! That huge bank collapse last year in Iceland that triggered all sorts of other badness? Fueled by copious insider trading. And another “shock”: The banks are trying to censor the truth.

Asshole: Sarah Palin, not for threatening to have someone served with legal papers at the kindergarten where he works but for suing him for libel because he reported she’s getting divorced.

Professor Krugman starts the week by depressing us. Thanks a lot!

So 2 August was the penny’s 100th birthday. Probably more than what you want to know about starts here. (I save all my coins!)

The mother (and SFW) of all blowjobs:

God, I feel his pain:

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