Not Quite a Day of Rest; Out of My Mind for 25 July 2009

palin hubristic
Still loved, despite being a quitter! Click on that beautiful face for the details!

Cretins and assholes: CNN, a godawful source of news. I guess the producers are relatively stupid and don’t believe in the importance of news, you can’t get very much by way of competent reporting….

Cretins: The Birthers. But you knew that. (And they’re even worse because the exact same question could be asked about John Sidney McCain III — moreso because there’s not a scintilla of delusional doubt where he was born — but of course they don’t; people like these wouldn’t let a single fact interfere with their beliefs.)

An obvious fake. I do not believe this is real.

Pussies and assholes: Micro$oft: Last week, its COO boasts (with no support) that Apple legal tried to shut down its ads showing how much cheaper PC crap is than Apple’s laptops. Yesterday, the ads get changed. Typical. And why Windows 7 should be called Vista 2: ‘Cause it’s gonna bomb too.

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