That’s the Way it is….Out of My Mind for 18 July 2009

Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities. — Aldous Huxley

It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious. /.

Once, news anchors weren’t shallow assholes (but then, it was a different world, where decency was normal). Once, an anchor actually mattered. Good night, Walter; you weren’t replaced and you certainly won’t be (but you’ll still be the punchline to a Hughes Rudd anecdote, to me):

And what he did that a modern anchor never would: This for one.

And here, Cronkite remembered.

Assholes: The “centrist”, “moderate” destroyers of true health insurance reform (named here, traitors all).

Assholes: The American Conservative Union, claiming to be a think tank when it only whores opinions. For that matter, add the Heritage Foundation.

Asshole (redux): Just to make clear: If Amazon has an issue with an ebook, you stop selling it, you don’t steal back peoples’ copies. Again, if the book is sold, it’s sold. And who just wants to license a copy and have no control over it?

Asshole (still): Mark Sanford: Not just used taxpayer monies to fly to his whore mistress but the fucker had to use it to fly first class. Honorary additional assholes: The peoples of South Carolina who don’t have enough of a problem with this to chase him out of office, clearly a state without honor (or very much of anything else).

Assholes: All of Moscow’s Chechen puppets, starting, but not stopping, with this one.

Assholes: The Big Media Journalists who ran away from covering this, thereby proving their irrelevance to societal well-being and therefore their utter unimportance.

Asshole: This car dealer who tweaks sales by giving away AK-47s.

Asshole, now and forever:

Asshole: The CEO of Porsche: makes the company just about the most profitable car companies around so the profits could be used for a ridiculous act of hubris as opposed to, you know, keeping the company running or something silly like that.

Assholes: All them banks claiming profits (“cooking their books”) while they stay on the edge of collapse.

Assholes who still have to take racist shots at Obama.

Asshole: Rolling Stone finally posts the entire Taibbi Goldman piece.

To me, it’s a little sad how ATT got blind-sided by the resulting stress on its network from the iPhone. I mean, way back in June 07, who could see the success or effect of the iPhone? That the 3G and 3G S are MMS-capable before ATT is just more of this sad story. But good for Apple: ATT cannot afford to let Verizon get one to sell. (Of course, I’m so happy finally having 3G service it doesn’t bother me that ATT’s 3G network is allegedly the worst in the nation.)

Anyone care to see a story about faaat North Carolina twins?

So there’s the joke, about the busted psychic. If she was a real psychic, she’d have known that the customer was an undercover cop who was going bust her. Update: Three psychics fall to a TV interviewer:


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