The Rage Still Burns; Out of My Mind for 16 July 2009

Stupid: Thinking (or believing) that this is leadership. It isn't.

Assholes: Boulder, Colorado.

Assholes: China’s treatment for internet addiction was electroshock. Clearly, this is why the iPhone’s coming to the PRC sans WiFi. (Hey, PRC, 3G is almost as good and far more available, so web access is why you want your phones without WiFi, you’re idiots!)

Assholes: This company who used a photo of murdered newlyweds for promotional uses. For businesses, the ends always justify the means. Businesses are at least amoral, Steve Forbes to the contrary. (He thinks one of the great things about capitalism is the freedom that attends it like in Singapore, South Korea and banana republics. Then again, Forbes is proven stupid, having been dumb enough to try to be a pol.)

Assholes: Another business that requires blatant, deliberate, knowing lies for promotion.

Another shithole we allow to remain a shithole (more here):

You knew that Wall Street wasn’t really all that rational unless following the herd right or wrong is some form of rational.

Assholes: Sarah Palin and all her whiny-ass, stupid supporters. Again, even by low pol standards, she’s dumb and extreme and inconsistent.

Asshole: Still Sarah.

Assholes: Jeff Sessions and the Big Media dopes who cover for him.

Assholes: All those Big Media journos who don’t understand that their job is to investigate and report, not be water-carriers.

Ooh, just got last year’s iPhone 3G and I’m ecstatic!

Query: Doesn’t putting Micro$oft stores near Apple stores makes Apple products look all that much better, what being seen next to crap and all?

Assholes: Indian tiger sanctuaries that get rid of all their tigers.

Assholes: The people who turn these people into dopes.

Find mortgage info here (and at the adjacent video).

Cupholders for rifles.

The world’s oldest known tat?

Today’s arts and crafts: make art from Starbuck’s garbage.

No comment, check it out for yourself.

And for people with too much time on their hands and/or too obsessive….

How synchronicitic; I had just had a craving to watch “Thunderball” again (although the book, silly as it is, is a little better, specially the beginning):


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