I’m Not Mad, I’m Just Out of My Mind for 15 July 2009


Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill. — Buddha

Going out of business is the least that should happen to these assholes.

Assholes: John Yoo and the brainless idiots who think he deserves a pulpit for his lies. Again, Philly Inky, please to explain why anyone would want to pay to read shit like Yoo (other than the few remaining people who still Rick Santorum is anything more than a nutjob).

Assholes: The C Street “Family”: They aren’t really Christian and, for that matter, they hate America.

Bobbie Jindal is an asshole 24/7; this just the latest and surely not the last. Idea for a game! Every time a wingnut says anything racist about Obama, let’s throw the same comment right back at Jindal. If he wants to lead his party, he’ll surely accpt the returned hatred.

Assholes: The ball-less pols who okayed tossing our freedoms after 9/11.

Asshole: If this soldier doesn’t believe Obama’s president, I’m sure, for the sake of our security, the military is well within its rights to have him confined to a mental facility, where, I’m sure, he’d be happy to spending his days jerking off to Sarah  Palin fantasies.

Idiots: Obama only talks but we’re led by dopes like these.

Visa will have its justice!

Assholes: Obama to America: Drop dead. And those of you still have hope. You still have yet to realize he doesn’t care about you. And here’s another thing the Liar-in-Chief is screwing up.

Assholes: The WaPo for giving Sarah Palin Op-Ed space. The idea can be rationalized but, at the end of the day, it’s just plain stupid.

Cheating: America’s true sport, isn’t it?

Watch and listen: Kids make real music.

Mr. and Mrs. Sarkozy know all this....

Almost as hot as Megan Fox....
Today's arts and craft.

Russian ass! Get more by clicking on the image.


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