No Rest! Out of My Mind for 11 July 2009

Britney, my favorit J.A.P.!

A witty saying proves nothing. — Voltaire

The Uighur crisis updated.

And of course it’s not just it’s only the Chinese. Our GOP’s pretty good at its own form of warring on freedom. Really buy that line of crap that the public sector can’t do anything? The post-9/11 attack on freedom began within weeks of 9/11. And again, they accomplished little other than to reduce our freedom, giving the terrorists a second success. (More here about the GOP attack on American liberty.)

It’s the 50th anniversary of the invention of pantyhose. And here I celebrate it by admiring all the bare-legged women….

Who killed Obama’ healthcare reform? if the writer means the public option, the answer of course is Obama. If he thinks there won’t be a health insurer windfall bill, he’s out of his mind.

10 July was Nikola Tesla’s birthday!

Sick idiots. And exactly why are they newsworthy, why do the Big Media give these sick people inciting other sick people credibility? And don’t forget to track down the cover story of the July 2009 Harper’s. (Might be available here or here.)


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