Exclusive Message from Sarah Palin; Out of My Mind for 9 July 2009

Sarah says: "Read this blog every day and tell all your friends, relatives, and enemies to read it daily too or I will blow my brains out!"

Grab this then thank me. And your Big Government.

2010 Vancouver Olympics fascism: Read about it here.

Essential reading: Obama; Less than Hoover (I said it first, this guy lays it all out). It’s the July 2009 Harper’s cover story. Can’t find a public link to it yet but here’s a taste. And a little Obama porn is here for the believers. (And again, I apologize for besmirching Hoover by comparing Obama to him. Obama clearly falls short of Hoover. And Obama has the benefit of the lessons of the Depression, which Hoover did not have.)

Dallas police chief to Beloved Leader: Drop dead.

Professor Krugman wonders how Big Media journos decide to fuck up. Sadly, he has no answers, just the question. Of course, maybe the Times’ ombudsman would at least like to answer address the question.

Joke: 60 Dems in Senate actually means anything more than 60 Dems in Senate. Specially with a president who refuses to lead them.

Another thing that amazes me: How people fail to comprehend just how totally and deeply screwed up nuts some pols are. Sarah is not the only pathological leader out there in the wild….

Another loser for Obama: an anti-science scientist.

Obama’s true agenda: Get rich for screwing the middle class. Even Hoover didn’t do that.

Steve Jobs’ secret ingredient is revealed here.

The economy is about to get much worse. The second phase of the housing meltdown is starting….

But Big Banks are doing okay. They cook their books to make all the bad stuff disappear and they steal from us.

Sad: Ex-Met Lenny Dykstra manages (pun intended) to get $31 million in debt, files for bankruptcy. Least I can do is embarrass him. I’d rather see him hung but only Bill O’Reilly can do and get away with stuff like that.

More GOP family values!

I have no issue with the Iran election. I do have a problem with post-election brutality:

What a line of shit! Clinton out b.s.’s Obama!

Rice paddy crop art.

(More like those last two are here.)

Admit it: You know Miley and her creepy dad in a remake of "Lolita" would rock more than you can imagine.


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