Briefly (if only…), Out of My Mind for 6 July 2009

Since approximately 1980, people (well, and Big Media) have gotten like exponentially dumber and, pardon the expression, stupider. Think I’m wrong? Brit spook’s cover blown, by his wive, on Facebook. How stupid do you have to be to do that, or to marry someone stupid enough to do that?

This is why the speculation bubble must be reinflated.

So, as I was saying about Palin and the continuing need to, well, dis her: She’s stupid, crazy and can yet get elected president. (Me, I’ve stopped underestimating the American voter.) Here is what I believe is the latest insanity from the bitch: crazy tweets (or “twats” — I didn’t make that up) and insane threats of lawsuits.

Ooh, Professor K explains how the public option isn’t the terrible cost the CBO initially claimed but, well, fiscally sensible.


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