Declaring Independence from the Bullshit Artists: Out of My Mind for 5 July 2009

Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without. — Buddha

If you don’t agree with this, it’s time for you to emigrate, okay?

Why do I so abuse Sarah? ‘Cause she’s hot and she can well be elected president and she’s so Goddam unfit for that office it’s frightening. So I continue to do what I can to chip away at her chances by reminding all what an absolute joke she is.

And Mark Sanford: ditto. Another joke, another putz completely unfit to be POTUS.

Elect a dope, get a disaster. Remember: egotism, narcissism and hubris are not proof of qualification for elected office. Of course, failing to do anything about Prop. 13 doomed Cali anyway....

Water-carrying racist asshole of the day; one of the Washington Post’s “stars”. Probably had no problem with the paper enabling corruption. (More here.) Another WaPo wanker is here. Another paper that won’t be missed…. And here’s more essential insight and brilliance from the WaPo, a newspaper in deep decline for about thrity-five years now….

More GOP delusions, dissembling and/or deliberate lying, granted well-undeserved legitimacy by the Big Media.

Why does the media pay any attention to this douchebag, for what kind of sickos is she given any platform? Here’s another one.

Wanker Joe Lieberman (a clear disgrace to my people), then and now.

Speaking of sickos, does the 2012 GOP presidential nomination require some sort of dementia? I mean, does the candidate literally have to be nuts to get the nod? Example: Mark Sanford, who would rather meet the piece of his dreams than be president. Great family values, great priorities….

Reminder: The next wave is still coming, in which the green shoots get flooded away….

So much for the GOP being the party of morality. Explains Ensign and Craig and Giuliani and Sanford and....

All you need to know about healthcare reform (or perversion thereof) is here.

Can the election-riggers in Iran top this all-American oppression of peaceful assemblies of voters to meet a candidate?

Fuck Goldman Sachs too. Anyone know what the speculators did that created any sort of broad financial health or wealth? Me neither. And if you can’t or won’t buy the “Rolling Stone” issue with the Taibbi piece on Goldman (and you should!), read it here.

And here is an asshole supporter of the speculation bubble.

Something like this coming soon to the TV?? I think, I fear….


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