Bam! Out of My Mind for 4 July 2009

If only this was true…. TIme will tell….

Picture 14

My money (well, if I had it to waste) goes on this. I can see this narcissistic quitter use her deserved beatings by the mainstream media as a foundation for a presidential run. Out of politics and the limelight and the adoration that she does in fact get? I don’t think so; people like her don’t work that way. And this guy doesn’t believe her people either.

This is what’s gonna kill all them green shoots and popped the reinflated speculation bubble.

I believe the acorn doesn’t fall from the tree. So the mother was a no-accomplishment scion who showed excellent taste ending up as the last lover of one of the most vile, scummy neocons. So why, in God’s name, doesn’t anyone think her daughter is capable of being the publisher of the Washington Post? Under her management, the newsroom fully signed on with the blatant whoring of enabling corruption. (More here.) Weymouth clearly fails to comprehend the societal importance of a newspaper; her newsroom appears even worse. Disgusting. Inexcuseable.

Snow on Mars.

What will save the economy and jumpstart growth to bring us back to pre-Meltdown levels a.s.a.p. as opposed to years or decades (and relive Obama who doesn’t seem to care as long as the speculation bubble is reinflated as soon as possible)? Padded bras. For men.

(Click on the image for more info about this and for the link to the comic book from which it comes.)

Forget Megan and her idiot robots; here’s your holiday weekend movie:

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