We Clearly Love Our Liberty! Out of My Mind for 3 January 2009

The public option is affordable and desired. So what’s the problem, Our Leaders? There is no downside except for those who deserve punishment.

The genius and leadership skills of Sarah Palin; the latest chapter.

The Washington Post’s brilliant plan for making money: Enable corruption. Clearly, not just another paper that won’t be missed but one we must be rid of as soon as possible. Now, let’s see if any heads will roll….

From the How They Do it and Get Away with it Dept.: SEC honcho tells staff attorney to stop investigating Bernie Madoff, then marries Madoff’s niece. Mr. President: Is that a sign of a possibly corrupt system that maybe needs a little investigating and genuine reform?

Micro$oft controls your computer. To do that, it’s clearly spying on you to know what browser you’re using so that they can push the modification to you. (Maybe it’s done sort of like this.) Is that OK with you?

Props to a 72-year old ass-kicker!

Actually, I’m a pantheist and this is one of my Gods:


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