Short but not Sweet: Out of My Mind for 30 June 2009

I hope that when I die, people say about me, ‘Boy, that guy sure owed me a lot of money.’ — Jack Handey

Today’s dick poster-boy for the twilight of newspapers. Please, Sir, continue to focus on the medium, not the reportage. One priorities are clearly 100% ass backwards.

See photos of the Honduran coup here.

Wow, the aged beneficiary of one of the greatest thieves ever must survive on a paltry $2.5 million!!! I am soo sad for her. All of us non-thieves should suffer with her. Bitch is lucky she’s not moving to jail as well.

Vegan restaurants that no knowledgeable vegan can eat at because… they aren’t vegan, only hold themselves out as vegan.

Whoa! £20,000 to study woman’s asses!?

Arkansas is for scumbags.

Click on the image legible size!

The only Christian assessment of Michael Jackson’s death I can agree with come from my favorite church, Landover Baptist!

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