Naturally Out of My Mind for 28 June 2009

I believe enduring love is primarily a commitment and an act of will…. — Jenny Sanford

National Insecurity Moebius Strip (pun intended): Comic book writer carrying script about writer busted for writing a comic about terrorism himself busted.

Financial gains from increased productivity brought by the digital revolution wiped out by gross accumulation of debt.

The world’s greatest healthcare insurance industry: They deny treatment, managing to keep 20% of premiums for their overhead instead. Remarkable! No wonder the fuckers are scared of competing with the public option!

The dysfunctionalism of Big Media journalism. Tell me, why is water-carrying essential to the commonweal, specially doing it for the destroyers of the economy and the America-haters?

Compromise (of course) sucks. So why does Obama love it so bad?

This is too sick to describe….

Christian fellatio.

Anyone explain yet why it takes a flight to Argentina and six days to implement one’s plan to blow off one’s mistress (assuming, of course, days of sex wasn’t needed)? Does anyone yet understand that the guy is clearly (if it wasn’t clear before), even by modern pol standards, too fucking stupid… — wait, I forget John McCain came fairly close to being elected, stopped only by a financial meltdown….

A thought: J.P. Morgan got his chance to save Wall Street and capitalism because there was no public sector to do the job. But what’s scarier about his one-man rescue operation is the mentality: Is there a Master of the Universe who would the same thing? I ask because there is no sign of such a person let alone the mentality from which such a person would arise.

If only this site has been obsoleted…. I’ll believe when I hear it confirmed…. And maybe men who initially turn down government money to posture and then wuss out and take it aren’t so much irresistible to women but rather must outsource their infidelities because no American woman is good enough or simply willing? I’m speaking of that scumbag, Sanford. I think he may well be dead politically because I think his wife played a crucial role and without her, he’s, well, nothing politically. I hope.

Read how Obama is reinflating the speculation bubble because, you know, it does so much more good for the economy than conservative fiscal policies and planning for the long term. I’m sure his failure is due at least in part to his fetish for bipartisanship. By all means, let the destroyers control reform of their abuses. Criminals get punished; no reason the same should not be done to the GOP destroyers.

Again, was there fraud in the pre-rigged Iranian election? For that matter, since it was already rigged, why the surprise? And do the neocons and other nutjobs who stole our not-terribly-rigged election 2000 be the ones to cry about any of this? (Last question was rhetorical.)

The quoted letter here is so pathological; it proves the complete lack of value to the public discourse of the wingnuts. Anyone who feels a need to go bipartisan with them… well, needs an immediate intervention.

This international joint venture is so gangsta.

Fair & balanced? No. Deliberately wrong? At least wrong... wishful?

Who wouldn't want to shoot these off?

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