Even More Out of My Mind for 26 June 2009

If you were alive then and a guy, you know there's nothing to add.


The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly. — Buddha

So he confesses and cries like a baby. Where’s the taking any responsibility? Apologizing for lying on so profound a level, for the dishonesty? It’s like there’s not a single GOP pol with anything remotely like true honor and this asshole was nowhere being the exception. To put it politely, he was a posturing piece of garbage. But that goes back to when he was screwing his puta behind all our backs. An awful little man.

Internet radio host busted for saying (perceived) anti-Second Amendment judges should be killed. And Bill O’Reilly in regard to Tiller — when he’s getting his??

“Stars and Stripes”: Better no coverage than having a reader wonder about a reporter’s objectivity. Hate to tell them, but after this incident, the entire staff is suspect — and, indeed, always should have been. It ain’t the journos with the final say at “S&S”; never was.

GOP love the Saudis. They so love beating us up, ripping us off with high oil prices, making us protect them, financing anti-American terrorists.

That case the Supremes decided about the idiotic, inexcuseable, probably sick strip search of a 13 year old (so sick, the gender doesn’t quite matter)? It’s worse than you think because the fuckers would have gotten away but for the 13 year old who fought back.

There’s a whole bunch of national secrets in hard drives dumped in Ghana. Such security: no one can be bothered to do a true wipe of the drive before dumping….

Faux Bidness Journal (ex-Wall Street Journal) seems to be lead, in the twilight of the daily paper, by real wackos….

Why are facilities associated with rightist organizations and the such never bombed or attacked but lefty facilities such as abortion clinics and the offices of diversity organizations are? What’s that say about the right? That the lefties fail to incite their followers like Rush and O’Reilly do theirs? Is this some sort of proof that the wingnuts are truly sick, that they only condemn the violence after they successfully incite it? And Professor K got this right: The wingnuts will rise again, sure as Obama will re-inflate the speculation bubble. (And he’s right about this too but his periodic optimism hasn’t helped.)

It’s, like, so rare to catch someone thinking with any depth about anything big these days…. And, yes, that does pretty much explain how we got where we are and why doesn’t going to be done about. Knowledge lost takes like an eternity to recover.

Idea! Your computer downloads and forces adware on you all by itself!

Michael Jackson’s death means little to me — I mean, my world, already spinning at an accelerated rate, didn’t stop for his death (slowed a little bit momentarily for Farrah’s though) — but I do hope he’s finally at peace, His life, at the end of the day, must have been a troubled one, particularly the last five or ten years when he went from supremely talented musician and performer to gossip industry freak show.

I totally can’t figure out whether this is worth sharing….


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