Out of My ^&%$ing Mind for 24 June 2009

I haven’t spoken to my wife in years. I didn’t want to interrupt her. — Rodney Dangerfield

One is one’s own protector, one is one’s own refuge. Therefore, one should control oneself, even as a trader controls a noble steed. — Buddha

Big Journalism, at least the print division, really wants to die: Gannett is expected to die from drowning in debt (I actually don’t believe that although I’m sure the debt will be a drag). But why rely on growth through earnings and planning for the future when you could do the Time-Warner thing and just service debt and claim all is well? And for those with simple financial strains, clearly taking money and stuff from those you cover, thereby devaluing your word, is a pretty smart idea — not! — guarantee to turn away readers. Smart!

Is Iran headed for its next revolution? Actually, Iran once had a true democracy once. But the American conservatives destroyed it. Meanwhile, they’re busting real journalists over there.

Let’s say the worst happens; who cares? And the story is weirder (as you’d expect from a lying wingnut), much, much weirder. This fucker truly is presidential in a Sarah Palin sort of way.

Tricky Dick Nixon wanted Obama aborted.

Obama’s still talking the public option for healthcare reform. That seems to be it. Talk. No persuasion or, you know, action. But, you know, the public option is the only actual reform needed. And with a public option, the carriers would have no choice but to reform. But, of course, that was never the point of reform; it’s really just a matter of wealth-transfer, like any other bailout. And the CBO numbers? Essentially bogus. And would real, actual reform have prevented this?

There were green shoots in 1930. Of course, when the middle class in a consumer society has so much wealth destroyed, it actually doesn’t turn around as quickly as it went to Hell, huh?

Weee! More corporatist bullshit; another slap on the wrist.

Want action? Say it to the right ear.


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