As Always, Truth! Out of My Mind for 23 June 2009

Ain’t this the truth? If a crime is big enough, there’s no punishment, just rewards (or in Bernie’s case, insufficient punishment):

“We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” — Aesop   

“Women will forgive anything. Otherwise, the race would have died out long ago.” — Robert Heinlein

Beaten for taking approved photos.

The Iranian elections: What happened. And the story of Neda, the martyr, starts here. And apparently, our Neocons’ BFFs are involved in the unrest. Innocent lives are at stake but our Neocons love playing their games….

The healthcare public option: It just doesn’t know yet it’s dead. Speaking about which, that monkey scary-looking creep, David Gregory, lies about the issue. Wotta surprise! And more here about the Dem traitors: They’re bigger whores than you thought.

Another sick fuck heard from. Shame on whoever gives the National Review for giving him a platform. Oh wait, he’s clearly sponsored by people who despise this nation….

Did inherited wealth save Ford? When you rely on a company for long-term health for long-term wealth…. But then, there are the former owners of the Wall Street Journal. But, of course, they lost faith… and may yet get the last laugh….

Wanna be free? This is what you need to know: How.

Now, have some laffs!


One of the good guys: Paul Krassner profiled!

Awww, Kodachrome is dead!

11 gorgeous train stations lost....

(More about that here.)

Twitter 1935

Beeezarre: A Texas strip club hires a 14 year old??

Google fails, can lead to death.

No comment, but it's Gaga. 'Nuff said.

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