How We Fail and are Failed (a Continuing Story); Out of My Mind for 18 June 2009

Would you cheat on this woman? (More below.)

“A bird that you set free may be caught again, but a word that escapes your lips will not return.” — Jewish Proverb

See who’s bullshitting you and is an untrustworthy lying sack of shit here (assuming you need the help).

Incredible! Movie stars are actually being held accountable: no more big bucks for tabloid stars whose movies keep bombing.

This is awesome: Applying for a job requires you to give up social network names/IDs and passwords. It’s only unjust and offensive but not completely insensible. The solution, of course, is to change everything as soon after the hiring issue’s resolved…. On the other hand, it is now apparently quite legal to take pictures in Vancouver, unlike, oh, say London. (Of course, this is in anticipation of the Olympics. What choice does the city have once the tsunami of tourists hit?) Not that we’re any better, of course.

The falseness of the bogus medical malpractice “crisis” again exposed.

I often disagree with this guy but he has a good point: Maybe (notwithstanding that it was gamed), the Iranians actually elected the guy they wanted. What I find scary is that what he describes as the majority of the electorate actually sounds alot like our own Christofascists.

What you can do with an iPhone. I love being able to take a teeny adequate camera with me all the time ’cause you just never know…. It’s the Kodak Brownie of the 21st century 🙂

Professor K makes his case for his growing contentment with if not love for Obama and ever-so-slight optimism for the economy. Case is good, I’m just not persuaded about Obama; me, I’m still without hope, I think it’s the Clinton-Republican era all over again. And he’s right on the economy: the worsening stopping doesn’t mean things are improving significantly. (Example here of something over-hyped.) And there is of course the impending anticipated mortgage and credit crises. And that Wall Street was saved to refuse to extend credit (beyond the fact that the demand should be punk in the first place) is, at the end of the day, not so important (other than to the Masters of the Universe and their politician-puppets). And look, Obama did something right!

Game of the day.

You really have to hope California is no way our future.

God bless Big Pharma: They love profits so much more than, oh, making people healthy.

Harvard discovers that the free exchange of ideas is a good thing. Of course, in this era, there’s no reason to conflate elite school with actual academic excellence.

Update: The GOP still has nothing but “No” and hate. On the other hand, when they act as if they have anything to offer, it’s awful.

And a man who voted to impeach for lying about infidelity must resign his seat.

Less than FDR, less than Hoover??

The ineptitude that allowed 9/11. (The report is here.)

Micro$oft’s Bing says Buy a Mac.


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