Special Big Monster-Sized Weekend Edition of Out of My Mind for 13-14 June 2009

Live your life in happiness, even though those around you lead lives which are unhealthy, and wish to spread their illness to you. Be Happiness itself. — Buddha

I am:


What a bunch of, well, fucking assholes. Name a single significant, essential story the Times has covered in recent years, well and truly and deeply. Sure, it has its moments but no more. Take away the water-carrying, the insignificant and trivial and the old and… there’s not very much left, and even less compelling. Oh, sure, it excels on rare occasions but day to day, well, it’s inessential. Buying it just to keep it in business is silly. When it should be proving it’s essential we get crap like this instead.

What’s really going on in Pakistan, clearly explained:

Incredible! Frogs living in elephant shit!

Yet more, albeit slender, evidence that a stop to music “piracy” would return significant money to RIAA members. That is, piracy isn’t really costing the industry all that much.

In the world’s greatest healthcare system, a teen has to diagnose herself when the professionals fail.

Query: When George Herbert Walker Bush did his 85th birthday skydive, was it some sort of memorial to his WWII bailing out of the plane he captained at the first opportunity, without any concern about his men getting out first (allegedly)?

For the life of me, why would anyone expect genuinely free election in Iran? Hasn’t it been proven that they are never free? And why does the Big Media journos act they are free? Part of their death march to oblivion? And this guy is wrong: stealing elections is stealing elections and the difference of means is not what’s significant.

Some agent of change:

West sees glimmers of that imagination in Barack Obama, but he thinks the new president, like the Panthers years ago, is torn between his best and worst inclinations. “They both got gangsters around ’em,” he says. For the Panthers, it was Eldridge Cleaver and the men who loved bullets more than books; for Obama it’s establishment goons like Larry Summers and his protégé Timothy Geithner. West has a personal beef with Summers, with whom he tangled when he was teaching at Harvard and Summers was the university’s president (Summers was later forced out). But now he sees Summers as simply one more representative of a certain political style. “These folks have no history whatsoever to being fundamentally committed to justice for working people. Nobody else on the team ever thought about defending poor people. Rubinites? No history of it. Arne? In Chicago?” As in Arne Duncan, Obama’s Secretary of Education, who has pledged to run schools like businesses. “Please. Rahm? Please! What are we talking about here? He does not have one figure from the social movements who helped promote his campaign. It’s the typical move of a newcomer who wants to reassure the establishment. ‘Hey, I’m not going to upset you. Please realize your boys are giving me all the advice I need.’”


Another great idea: Loans where initially only interest is paid and if the business fails…. Yes, I know fixed mortgages work like this but that’s the opposite: money is lent at a fixed amount to borrowers who it is reasonably believed will be have increased earnings. These business loans are the opposite: Future earnings are speculative (if they weren’t, the loans might not be needed, right?). This is similar to ARMs, where it is, at best, unreasonably believed that the borrowers will have income that grows at least as fast as the loan. I’m losing track so this might be a repeat link: Housing? The worst may be yet to come but thank God the Masters of the Universe are generally doing OK.

Query: Why are communist leaders fascists? Why do they hate freedom? Why do they oppress? I refer of course to Comrade President Palin.

New inventions: This would be cool. This is simple thievery, a blatant rip off. The first is the work of a creator, the latter that of a thief. Know the difference.

Scaarry! Late-Soviet era punks!

There he goes again, another (Clintonian) betrayal: Obama’s screwing the gays.

These people are sick, a cancer on the commonweal, to say the least.

The other thing I love about conservatives is the inherent thievery. A recent example is here in the teabaggers’ art.

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