Out of My Mind for 9 June 2009

The seventh step of the Eightfold Path is Right Mindfulness, meaning to regard everything as being impermanent, ill and corrupt.

No need for tort or medical malpractice reform: hospital lets woman lay on floor til she dies, pays family $2,000,000.00.

And here’s how else the medical profession cares less about you than they do their E- and S- and GL- and M- and R-classes. (More here.)

See who’s screwing you now without telling you.

Another vote that Sarkozy is a complete asshole.

She may be pretty, but when she sleeps, there's two assholes in her bed.

Bank joke! Yes, not funny, just truthful!

The Pre: Its moment has passed, huh?

Reminder: The Times is wrong on the DOJ torture memos.

This is funny/sick: counterfeit meds made in China with “Made in India” labeling.

GE buys gummint-financed patent, refuses to share. So much for public benefit… you know, like all them bailout moneys….

What the terrorists really accomplish (actually sort of old news if you’ve been paying attention).

(The rest of the show is here.)

Cop beats guy for obeying other cop. Clearly, the beater earned ten years in jail getting beaten and worse regularly. (See video here.)

The return of the beaver.

Proof: Sotomayor is not an affirmative action poster-girl. Now, Clarence Thomas is a poster-boy for affirmative action and all-around ass-kissing, cocksucking, etc., without which he would be nothing. And that explains why the wingnuts accept AA for Thomas but not for Sotomayor who is clearly the real deal.

E-voting fails again.


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