Uncategorizeable: Out of My Mind for 8 June 2009

This guy thinks Ronnie Raygun was worse than Beloved Leader. I still don’t know, I’m not convinced. Planting seeds isn’t quite the same as allowing and helping the crap to grow.

Crazy sick fucks, them North Koreans. This is inexcusable and unjustifiable.

It’s a lie that the Chinese can only, um, appropriate (okay, “copy”, steal). They can invent and innovate; pre-loaded censorware, for example.

Remember her.

Outdoor living like you’ve never seen!

Besides being a brilliant Nobel-laureate economist and politically as impeccable as one can be, Professor K is a geek.

I have to be in the mood for a martini, so Saturday night’s was, contrary to the opinion of the person who told me to have one, was unexciting, a little pedestrian, I guess. What it was, though, was shaken, not stirred, and the former is, unlike the latter, kind of healthy.

Only the French….

Is it news that the gummint’s rewarding Big Finance for their greed-addled destructive (to say the least) speculation?

Wotta surprise: Another story the Times got wrong. And which the blogosphere is correcting….

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