Not So Much Hung Over but Suffering from Insufficient Sleep: Out of My Mind for 7 June 2009

Not so surprising: What keeps our health premiums (extremely relatively) low are the insurers’ investments in… tobacco stocks. What genius! Tobacco causes illness which requires more treatment and more profits for insurers (more higher premiums), who benefit from the tobacco sales in the first place. But then, the greatness of the American health insurance industry is that it has no desire to help make us healthier but rather shamelessly has no issue with desiring and enabling an ever sicker populace.

I’d say this is one of the top two reasons for the imminent death of journalism as we knew it. Nothing like consistently missing the story to establish your irrelevance and to prove that your unnecessary…. (More along the same line here. And something related is here and here and here.)

Of course the problem with papers charging for online content, at the end of the day, is that the “product” of most suck so bad. The Times could charge, the Journal justifiably does. But how many other mainstream news sources could? A lot if not most sales are being lost to the crappiness of their work, not that it could be accessed online for free. I mean, even free is to high a price for a lot of the crap…. More similarly here. And here’s the kind of crap, prevalent to say the least, that will not be missed nor would the schmuck who came up with it. And ditto as for any organization that puts ignoramuses on a beat.

A thought: Shutting prisons for budgetary reasons is OK but moving a group of prisoners, some of whom are part of terrorist networks (which is to say neutralized as terrorists) to the most secure prison on the U.S. mainland, that’s scary and unnerving. Just a little more proof how fucked up the “accepted wisdom” is these days….

Remembrances of Dr. Tiller.

Another great American sicko.

These people are disgusting. To say the least. She too.

Love we don’t need.

Big Music lies again (’cause there are no facts that help and the reality is essentially all the damage has been self-inflicted).

Oooh, Obama wants to show he has balls after all. I mean, not the balls it takes to repeatedly betray supporters in order to push failed policies that can be personally lucrative but the balls it takes to push for the right thing. Well, good luck to him and us!

American justice but a really fucked up example: Vigilantism not just from rage over the rape of an 11-year old girl but also because the community also has no faith in the police and legal system. Yeah, sad.

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