Stormy Thursday: Out of My Mind for 4 June 2009

Jeez, if you go by greatest harm to the nation, I’m torn whether Ronnie Raygun is the worst president since the Civil War, beating even Beloved Leader. (I refuse to go back further than the Civil War because of simple historical ignorance.) I contend that the nation’s elite — Big Business — developed a very screwed up attitude on Ronnie’s watch that resulted in the current Global Economic Meltdown. This is of course the worship of immediate profits at any societal cost: CDOs, investing in money-losing businesses for no good reason, taking on gobs of debt for no good reason, and so on and so forth. Dunno that Beloved Leader did quite as much harm….

Our freedom just took another hit. Some judge thinks it’s OK of FISA to unconstitutionally destroy our freedom. (Read this too.)

Fun! Learn how to make exploding drinks here!

Book of the day for pre-teen girls.

Watch the power of belief:

Genius chimps!

Learn about the real world beyond your computer here!

The world’s greatest health system insures that after your life is saved you wish you were dead.

Is this the world's greatest invention??

Proven: Bill O’Reilly accessory to Tiller’s assassination. More proof here. Video elsewhere on the site.


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