Deliriously Unfocussed: Out of My Mind for 3 June 2009

The worst taint is ignorance. Destroy this one taint and become taintless. — Buddha

Today has to better than Tuesday. It has to be. I insist. Not that anyone listens to me….

The sad shape of the world:

Picture 27

Scoop (or should that be “Yet again”): Debt is destroying journalism. The utter stupidity of those with too much money… “Let’s by a profitable business then destroy it with the debt needed to purchase it….” Sheer genius; these must be our best and the brightest. Or maybe it’s just Reaganite anti-intellectualism (or “stupidity”) has fully triumphed….

Ooh, this is incredible!

Whadayaknow: Censorship works. As if the Media ignoring stuff doesn’t, you know, make people ignorant….

Thank you, Bill O’Reilly (more here) and the rest of his ilk: Those will suffer as a result of the Tiller assassination. This scumbag is rejoicing. And another:


Unfortunate: The Hummer is not dead. (The Hummer, besides unfortunately named, is the kind of money-losing vehicle Detroit loved to invest in in lieu of putting money in developing, I dunno, maybe something profitable. Maybe it gave Bob Lutz a big fat erection or something, and Rick Wagoner being an ignorant bullshitter just didn’t know enough to say no. A thought to be developed: Along with greed and stupidity, we’ve also suffered from rampant dishonesty.) Speaking of GM, I suppose the remains of the company should be happy that however little the gumint might be doing, it’s pushing the company to do what management could quite manage to do itself. Here’s hoping for the survival of the ‘Vette!

Another wingnut heard from. Why?

Need-to-know: Learn about private-sector spy MediaSentry.

Need some nukes paid for with our tax dollars? Here they are!

Where to go? Here!


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