Crazed Monday: Out of My Mind for 1 June 2009

Martyr of the day: The pro-lifers (supporters of pointless wars, wealth-destroying economic policies, lies, etc.) kill another one. And here and here’s why it happened and maybe what set the psychokiller off. More about it all here.

Of course it will happen again. Government has prevented the free market from punishing the destroyers of the economy and government clearly refuses to do anything to prevent the reconstitution of the debt-based economy and speculation bubble. So why in the world would anything change back to something normal? The Lords of Greed beat us. And Professor K agrees with me: Blame for this mess goes to the Reaganites. (The slimy apologist for the rightists, Niall Ferguson in the 1 June 2009 Barron’s, claims that clearly no Republican in the past few decades can be blamed because the economy didn’t melt down immediately. That is so stupid and ignorant that we can toss this schmuck on the pile of irrelevant voices with nothing to offer.)

Speaking of which, this will never happen. Besides, don’t we have at least enough of the answers?


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