Rainy Friday; Out of My Mind for 29 May 2009

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. — Henry Ford

(Love) Taibbi + (hate) Palin = This.

Classic craziness paranoia.

Historic thieves: Goldman Sachs.

Wow! Yum! 3-D printer’s output is… sugar!

Did an East German spy’s fatal shooting of a demonstrator set West German politics on a more lefty course in ’67?

From the Duh Dept.: Making things with your hands (as opposed to using your hands to type or move a mouse) is important.

Query: All them Big Banks: Aren’t they still all insolvent or nearly so, still sitting on loads of crap? It’s just that Big Finance and Our Leaders  and Big Media are, um, obfuscating? I mean, is that problem actually resolved or not?

Update: We’re still losing Afghanistan. Hey, didn’t we think we were co-opting the Taliban when they were in charge and all the time they were letting Osama bin Laden run wild and stuff, resulting in 9/11??

In a sane, fact-based world — the one Big Media and the wingnuts ignored — the GOP would not be allowed to make any accusations against Sotomayor anything like those the same wingnuts claimed were unfair to hurl against their beloved Clarence Thomas (except they were, um, accurate in Thomas’ case). Their ^&%$ing lies about her are exposed here; you paying any attention, Big Media water-carriers for a failed party?

My nightmare!

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