It’s Almost Like My Own Little Cannes! Out of My Mind for 18 May 2009

This is really sad, sad for the guy, sad for a society screwed up enough to do this. I’m almost beginning to think there really is a need for Sasha [NSFW!] Grey (although I doubt it)….

Isn’t it amazing? The recording industry’s greed is destroying itself… this time, its DRM causes people to become pirates as an alternative.

Sex like you’ve never seen (and is not NSFW)!

Struck by lightning!

Read: online graphic novel about the South in the 1930s.

What we did when we were young. When we played, my generation used our imaginations.

Wingnuts: Still clueless, still crazy…. (Yet Big Media still can’t ignore the crazies….)

Another rightist shibboleth trashed by facts: Canadians are not running away from their socialized medicine. In fact, Americans are running away from our free market healthcare, the one rendered unaffordable by the health insurer’s greed.

Awesome! Invented: Glow-in-the-dark monkeys.

Don’t the Republicans have to hate America? Aren’t so many of their underlying beliefs contrary to what America represents?

More on our debt-based prosperity.

Speaking of which:

I think the first step is to fully comprehend how the financial mess we’re in is not some aberration, but the culmination of a debt-based economy. When speculation and lending outweigh innovation and value-creation as drivers of economic activity, addiction to growth and the attendant bubbles are really the only possible long-term outcome. That’s why it’s important we understand how the ground rules were established, who came up with them, and why. Only then can we begin to look at how arbitrarily they were determined, and how artificially they were upheld.

But once we’ve done that, we need to look at mechanisms for restoring the functioning of a bottom-up economy that is at least as worthy as its top-down counterpart.


The Fourth Estate is made up almost entirely of large corporations. And, operating almost entirely under the principles of debt, media companies cannot make any distinction between the market value of information and its importance. Britney Spears’s latest breakdown and the invasion of Iraq are both treated as major media events deserving of equal time and space. In the face of all this, the hippest way out is to adopt the attitude of amused and quizzical cynicism worn by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart.


My inner old guy can be absorbed just watching life around me going on. And here’s the book showing why….

Gummi bear surgery.


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