Remember What Made America Great! Out of My Mind for 23 May 2009

No use getting too involved in life — you’re only here for a limited time. /.

Ooh, shy cops!

Is this how to make really fast coffee?

Retired bishop claims that he didn’t know child rape was wrong and he’s sticking to his position.

Barack Obama, Anti-American rightist. Defend this. It was wrong when Beloved Leader and the Bushies pushed this and — surprise! — it’s still wrong (more about it here):

Verizon is unwilling to help save your life and is willing to let you die if you owe it money.

Dick Cheney’s principal, not principle: Big self-media campaign, raise profile for bigger advance for book. I guess he should be ignored, not that the MSM can….

Another wingnut smacked sensible:

If I had the time, I’d explain that I actually have no great antipathy or issues with old-timey conservatives, just with the deranged modern wingnuts. One’s a cancer on society, the former aren’t.

Our toilets need these.

Don’t send your kids to this school that teaches stupidity and has a student body only good for networking if you’re interested in wingnuttery.


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