Cannibalism Edition: Out of My Mind for 19 May 2009

Is someone who supports and enable this really deserving of a newspaper column??

Query: Does this MSM editor (Harold Jackson) know how full of shit he is and is saying what he’s saying despite knowing better or is really as clueless as he appears? I mean of all the people deserving of a public platform, John Yoo — well, he’s nowhere on that list. Correction: The dip is even more full of shit than you could imagine; his lies about hiring Yoo are laid out here.

Maybe this world is another planet’s hell. — Aldous Huxley

What a lovely idea. Wrong in a way, but lovely.

My sister-in-law’s town won’t let you into their banks if you’re wearing a hood, a hat and/or shades.

Headline of the day:

Father, High on PCP, Eats Son’s Eyeballs Out

Speaking of which: What happened to Neanderthals? Did they just die out as part of the rise of us Cro-Magnons? Or did we them all up??

I love and am obsessed by the 1939-40 New York World’s Fair:

Things to do and make.

Look at this, what we need: A model of the Battle of Stalingrad.

All about debt collectors (a growing field, I’m sure).

Illegal downloading of music: What a wonderful way to hear music before you buy, something the recording industry clearly believes is no longer necessary for sales, that not being able to hearing what you’re buying before you buy actually hurts sales.

Which leads to a minor insight. In the old days, the new would push out the old. In our era, the old is, well, killing itself while there’s not very much new out there to replace it. Newspapers die and where are the outlets for their reporters of deep, long term journalism? Radio no longer lets you hear what you otherwise might buy; outside of illegal downloads, where else can you go for a free sample? Sad and scary.

Revealed: Where Dick Cheney was hiding all them years. As if.

A thought: In the old days, you’d read the paper and read news you saw the night before on the T.V. Now, you read the paper and read stuff you read two days earlier online. Newspapers give you the world on the web days later….

Anyone here really care about Michelle Obama? Me neither.

I want to live where there are roads like this (click on the image for more).

Click here and follow the links to scary things.

What sucks to eat: neck rolls and the like.

One more time: Rummy’s artful briefing papers. What bothers me more than the gratuitous (to say the least) religious quotes is the gross over-reduction of information to a pretty imbecilic level.

Pay your bills on time? Jamie Dimon and his ilk want to punish you and make you pay for not drowning in debt.

Oooh, what a momma!

Sad but true:

(Click on image for easy-to-read size!)


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