Out of My Mind for 18 May 2009

The easiest way for your children to learn about money is for you not to have any. — Katharine Whitehorn

We are inclined to believe those whom we do not know because they have never deceived us. — Samuel Johnson

Just ’cause it’s pretty and it’s Monday:

New York City believes in the rule of law. Which in this era, even in this nation, is actually saying a lot. Montreal meanwhile: not quite a believer.

Reminder: The (political) meltdown of Guatemala is continuing.

And Pakistan, which, too, is teetering on the edge, is adding nukes. So Islamist Iran with phantom nukes is an enemy and major threat. Pakistan, which is on the edge of radical Islamist control has loads of nukes and definitely the technology is still not perceived as a threat on the same level as Iran if not, of course, worse. Where are all them national security-crazed GOPers now?

This is silly.

This would be silly if it didn’t matter. The GOP is against any SCOTUS justice candidate who acknowledges reality in reaching a decision. But a justice who is simply a partisan whore (of the GOP), that’s perfectly okay. (Yeah, yeah, old news; that’s how Beloved Leader became preznit, by the decision of five unprincipled party whores.)

Question, Mr. President: If abortions are legal, which is to say the law of the land, exactly what kind of dialogue is needed? Maybe one explaining that this is in fact a secular nation of law is needed first?

This is simply a beautiful story.

If you subscribed or read Faux Bidness Journal, you could read about Trump’s lies under oath about his worth.

Oooh, the AP lets us see where it sucks in this country thanks to the collapse of the speculation bubble.

An American lynching?

Don’t this say it all?


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