SPECIAL ABORTED EDITION; Out of My Mind for 17 May 2009

So much for WordPress’ autosave: A morning’s posting trashed with a browser a crash. Thanks, WP!


Josh is in fact wrong. The GOP has nothing to run on other than fear and, as such, there is no need for it to be rational.

A failure of Beloved Leader’s barely reported. (What a surprise!) And here’s another underplayed with good reason: it’s a demonstration of what a disaster Social Security investments in private funds would have been. Yeah, yeah, crap like this almost makes me happy Obama won; so little of what he does does. That said, I do believe he’s fully capable of the same crap as this. We’ll see…. And the vileness of Rumsfield: chapter and verse by a Beloved Leader supporter who failed to drink enough Kool-Aid as to be unable to recognize the truth. Even better: The horseshit Beloved Leader wanted to see instead of, you know, facts or the truth or anything.

This guy is clearly a cracker asshole and shithead, pure trailer park inbred trash.

More idiots. And these geniuses are surprised there isn’t a mass audience for crap like this?

Storks’ bizarrely-located nests.

So why can’t Obama run away from the extremes of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration? And again, why the pressing need to get dragged under in Afghanistan? Pakistan is far more important and probably lost, essentially an Islamist-controlled state playing the west by claiming not to be but always refusing to come down on Muslim extremists and terrorists.

I admit this is sad if not tragic: The chief economic reporter at the Times, despite all his reporting, was nonetheless too stupid to reject an insane mortgage. But of course, I’m sure the MSM would contend that that is no excuse for uneducated, unsophisticated blue collar workers lied to by lenders.

Wingnuts really, really are sick. And there’s obviously no societal justification for their existence. Sick.

Ahh, this could have been so much better a post….

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