All Over the Place…. Out of My Mind for 16 May 2009

She will be with us forever....

GOP Rule of Law:

People tend to make rules for others and exceptions for themselves. /.

“The trouble with temptation is that you may not get another chance.” — Edwin Chapin  ( 1857 – 1942 )

“I’m a guy who doesn’t see anything good having come from the Internet,” said Sony Pictures Entertainment chief executive officer Michael Lynton. “Period.”

This is your brain daydreaming....
DHS-required photography license.

Been meaning to say: This Pelosi-told-of-torture thing (more here): Let’s say she was told everything. She was the leader of the minority party in the House at the time. How is this in any way equivalent of being one of the active proponents of torture? Given the tendencies of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration and their water-carriers in the media, what could she have done to stop it. The significance of this story, really, is little more than just a display that Big Media still can’t report, can only suck up to GOP failures and anti-American policies. In a word: horseshit.

I've loved Edward Sorel's work for decades! Click on the image for more!

Freedom at home, here in the U.S. of A.

The new soldiers in the Global War Against Terror (and border-crossers): The Boy Scout of America!

This is true: It is lousy to be middle-aged right now….


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