A Photo’s Worth…. Out of My Mind for 15 May 2009

Message to Big Journalism

The continuing meltdown of Guatemala? In the last few decades, the Republican administrations have been successful in pushing Latin America from military dictatorships to putative democracies. Me, I don’t believe very much in or think very highly of imposed democracies; they have to be genuinely wanted, maybe even fought for a large slice of the masses. And this rightist-fueled trend was no exception. And now… well, is Guatemala going? Is Mexico in terribly good shape? Colombia? Bolivia? Hey, where’s Big Media in all this, specially all them civicly virtuous and necessary newspapers? Bottom up reporting comes from those involved in the story, actors and the witnesses. Is that per se unreliable or less reliable than the Big Media’s pros? That’s what we’ll still have after the MSM implosion. (Times had a paragraph from the AP on 5/12, the Journal had a little more, also 5/12, neither anything since. So Xeni, on a blog, has the store. CNN had a little more than print but dunno what or how much made it on the air when, as opposed to onto the website. So, you know, fuck you, MSM.)

Racially profiling when the Statue of Liberty reopens?

Travel tip of the day: Go to Spain, breathe, get high.

Can a person’s genetic makeup be patented by a third party? The ACLU and my law school (Yeshiva University’s Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law) are fighting it.

Daydreaming is good. Here’s the proof. Here’s more proof.

No one wants to “Meet the Press” now that they replaced Russert with an even bigger brown-nosing water-carrier.

Wingnuts are hateful bigots. I know, not news; I just like this example. And this “historical” example.

Justice: The new Yankee Stadium is a bomb — gold-plated shit like the team.


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