This Blog Now Returns to Normal (Such as it is); Out of My Mind for 12 May 2009

The eagle may soar, but the weasel never gets sucked into a jet engine. /.

It takes two reporters from the Times to say that Islamists never had undue control in Pakistan before the Taliban’s recent strikes. Too bad it’s so not true. Contrary to the Times, the problem now is more a matter of chickens coming home to roost with the native anti-West Islamists becoming emboldened….

A must-see video for our kids. Or start watching it here:

Cuisine for the Global Economic Meltdown:

Thought: Obama has achieved the incredible: A Democrat in a global economic disaster has actually reinflated the speculation bubble, in the course creating even more, an even greater upward transfer of wealth and financial inequality. Obama has given (and continues) to give the speculators money for the financial losses endemic to, well, speculation, while the middle and working classes get nothing. Well, at least he and his people will be amply rewarded come 2017 (or 2013)….

I don’t understand this viddie, but maybe you will….

Much more about that last video is here.

You know, the accepted wisdom these days is in fact mostly new stuff lacking in wisdom (the old accepted wisdom, which was both, has muchly been trashed and apparently forgotten these past few decades…). Example: a little reefer madness:

OMG!!!! Grrooosss!!!

This is news?? To who??

Does free availability online spur sales? Yes! (Those who say no have yet to come forward with supporting data, just lawsuits.)

Maybe Hugo Chavez is a threat, maybe he has gone too far?

Your health tip is here. Happy trails…!

Click on image for more!

We were warned:

(More here.)

I’ve believed this: Honesty is determined by listening, not looking.

Did I say today the wingnuts are crazy? The latest from the true head of the party.

Greenwald: When it comes to abusing journos — the real ones, not Big Media’s fakes — Iran has nothing to teach the good old U.S. of A.

Will Win7 be another Vista bomb after all?


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