Home Stretch: Out of My Mind for 8 May 2009

The Star Trek reboot comes to America today:

Isn’t this sweet, sweeter than Miss California:

One way to deal with all them terrorists laying around that can’t be shipped back somewhere: Let the “interrogators” kill a couple of dozen of them.

Rupert wants to start charging for all his newspapers’ sites. Problems are: How much is crap like the Post worth? Micropayments. Nearly all his papers are crap. The Times and Journal are worth a premium, nearly all of Ruperts’ papers are worth… precious little. And, of course, there’s no way to charge enough to make up for the loss of both regular and classified advertising. That said, an enhanced, quality “Page 6”: that could be worth a lot 🙂

Whooaa! Win7 make suck nearly as much as Vista! Remember guys, if you can afford it and Windows isn’t forced on you by your corporate masters, there’s no excuse for voluntarily using. And I’m not just plugging the MacOS, I’ll say Linux is a perfectly viable free OS. Like OpenOffice and NeoOffice are perfectly acceptable free alternatives to Office. (Actually, if family members didn’t force Office on me I’d be perfectly content with NeoOffice 3.)

Don’t this say it all?

(Click on image for easy-to-read size!)

Well, sure, if the loyal opposition can’t take its share of responsibility for the global meltdown it enabled (to say the least), it’s as good a policy as any other to beat on the president for liking mustard on his burger. (You could beat on Obama for being a lackey of Big Finance but that would difficult to do on Faux Nooz and just about impossible on Faux Bidness Channel.) I mean, really, of what value is this mindless demonizing other than to make the crazies crazier. Query: Why Faux Nooz’s audience relatively small and, well, not so attractive to advertisers, can the channel actually be making money??

Big (and not so Big) Journalism is sad. I mean, like pathetic.

Freedom dies a little more…. And this cop wants to be the new Ted Bundy.

The stress test results, if you care.

Miss California is in trouble now….

Miss California, you're fired??

Presidential cowardice: No $ for needle exchange and saving lives after all.

Mercedes-Benz sales tank. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving luxo-car company.

Reminder: The credit card companies do suck: they are major thieves.

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