All Over the Place, Including the Edge of Doom… Out of My Mind for 7 May 2009

Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both. — John Andrew Holmes

It’s the economy, stupid:

(More here.)

Vox populi:

Obama: The secrecy president. Like the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

Again, much as I am keenly disappointed in the newspaper medium or Big Journo, it is balanced, so to speak, by the threat of mass ignorance fostered by Wikipedia. I suppose the site needs a big ass Surgeon General-like warning label. Me, I always read Wikipedia entries in a state of anxiety over this very trust issue: am I getting the truth or a bunch o’ lies?

Another reason I hate Paris Hilton.

The other Dr. Doom thinks now is worse than the Great Depression. While our Big Media and Our Leaders go all Pollyanna, there’s the fact that the global economy now is far more complex than in the 30s and the tsunami of the econopocolapse has yet to it their shores, as it were. And, really, all the good news is just that — maybe — the crash has hit a floor. Question is: When do we (the middle class, I mean, and everyone other than the extremely wealthy) return to the level of wealth of a couple of years ago? And at what cost — the continuation of the economy-destroying speculation bubble?

Love that Bristol: Like mother like daughter: Talk, no action: “Don’t be a whore like me”. Her ex-lover opines differently…. Guess the wedding’s kaput….

Speaking of morality and virtue, praise the Lord:

My wife’s bitch would probably do what this dog did but not to save us, just cause she loves attacking animals….

Really, Obama’s stress test: Who cares anymore? The administration’s intent is clear — no significant help for the middle class, interest only in reinflating the speculation bubble. For that matter, who really believes Obama really is disturbed by political and economic inequality? If he is, where’s the action?

At least the old Chrysler was ready for bankruptcy: its new HQ was designed for easy conversion into a mall.


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