Stormy Weather Monday; Outta My Mind for 4 May 2009

Couple of too-dry weeks followed by a couple of days of non-stop rain. My ‘hood must have shifted “Lost”-style to the Northwest….

Dilbert starts the week rediscovering its mojo....

If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon. — George Aiken

My definition of a free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular. — Adlai E. Stevenson Jr.

Car of the day. You know you want it.

Visit: The fire down below!

Visit: Underground Rome. (Not that kind, the historical underground.)

Great moments in modern capitalism and the war against piracy: Warner music — no shit — busts Warner Music.

Big Banks shoot themselves in the feet. But do they matter?? Our deposits are protected, and there’s more than enough loose cash out there to buy up the remains that have value.

The real reason for internet caps: Internet users have to subsidize the cable carriers’ cable TV expenses. I mean, why should TV customers pay when those who don’t use it can pay? Ponder this: Without hidden fees and usury, would businesses in the current climate be really fucked? Or is this just penny-ante pick-pocketing?

Go here and learn how much gratuitous sugar is in your food. God bless modern “processed” foods….

Kimchi contest. ‘Nuff said.

CIA still can’t decode Kryptos, or so they say….

Lego fun!

Obama’s stress tests? Whitewashes? Jokes?? And who’s in charge? (Hint: The destroyers of the economy, not those we elected to fix a dysfunctional system.)

You can never read too much about Miss California’s implants. Of course, I’m waiting for her to come forward on the subject…. And the fakery has been confirmed…. Wonder where she stands on the issue of winning a beauty contest with fakery….

Poor Sarah. She’s too perfect so she’s getting bombed with ethics complaints….

Greenwald on the Sadist Sheik.

There’s a movie or novel in this guy’s life: Forced to be a fighter by the Nazis in their death camp….

And here’s your reward for patience and to start the week on the right note….


One thought on “Stormy Weather Monday; Outta My Mind for 4 May 2009

  1. I’m trying to solve K4 and polling people who blog about it to see if there’s anyone interested in trying to help or has tried different things… Help! I’m stuck!

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