Belated but Huge: Out of My Mind for 2 and 3 May 2009

Charity, n.: A thing that begins at home and usually stays there. — /.

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. — Bill Cosby

There is always more misery among the lower classes than there is humanity in the higher. — Victor Hugo

To see a world in a grain of sand, and heaven in a wild flower; to hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour — is inspiration. — William Blake

Whenever we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. — John Muir

Some journo thinks he knows 12 lessons learned from the Rocky Mountain News going under. I disagree. If you can get news sooner for free all the slower medium can do is focus on adding to the initial superficial coverage: context, depth. And this pro agrees with me.

We can’t help it, it’s our wiring! Read about how the brain chooses junk food.

What’s for dinner tonight? How about home-made brick-oven pizza?

Europe re-mapped for reality:

How big a joke is Our Leaders’ “stress test” for Big Banks? Seems like little more than just a line of shit.

Bad news: Miss California, the wingnuts’ poster girl for heterosexuality and marriage between men and women has fake tits, paid for by the Miss California Pageant in preparation for the Miss USA tits and ass competition. I hope her dedication to her cause isn’t a fake and she will do all she can to support and encourage and spread heterosexuality. And yes, I do consider this important news. Really. I do.

The disaster that is Raygunomics?? No, I don't quite understand what this is supposed to represent but it still resonates.

Another failure of Our Leaders: Obama couldn’t get a little relief for homeowners passed in the Senate (allowing bankruptcy judges to change interest rates on mortgages). And it’s going be needed even moreso soon because there’s soon to be a mass increase in rates while prices are punk or maybe even get worse. (See this too.)

To be honest, I’m a little how unclear how the Global Economic Meltdown came about. A bunch of mortgage “instruments” based on or incorporating the worst sub-prime crap — you know, the loans that were clearly risky and made because those were the ones that paid the loan officers the most — first get insured against losses by the lender then tank, requiring the insurers to pay out — except they over invested so had nothing to pay with? Is that approximately it? Home prices tank and the economic consumer-powered engine slows significantly…? Am I on the right track??

And the accepted solution is to reinflate the speculation bubble, to help Big Finance to prosper not by investing in the future by merely indebting people. We’re all Donald Trump. (Again,  your referred to the Geoghegan piece in the April 2009 Harper’s, “Infinite Debt.)

Capitalism Round-Up: Lie even if your lies can cost lives as long as it boosts profits, that’s all that matters.

Gratuitous censorship in the private sector: Apple tosses an iPhone/iPod Touch app cause it competes with its iTunes Music Store by offering for sale a whopping single album. (Actually, the signs were just about always there that it would do anything to protect what it considers there’s so a slap to the guy who thought of selling the album through the app. Actually, it’s Trent Reznor and the album at issue was actually offered as an essentially free download — by hisself.)

And Viacom is little better. (But then again, most of its businesses are in downward death spirals anyway. Billboards, broadcast TV, niche cable channels, radio — all cutting edge stuff with a future.)

Remeber that sadistic sheik in the Emirates? Actually, he’s a sadistic serial torturer, aided, abetted and enabled by his “government”. God, the last administration must be crapping their pants in envy….

Oooh, look! H1N1, the so-called pig-swine influenza:

My idol, JoAnn Wypijewski, writes on worker fatalities. And on sexting.

The incompetence and enabling of thievery we’ll lose when we lose the major newspapers. Actually, I forgot to note above that I’m not sure that Harper’s isn’t a pretty good model for the future of quality journalism. Deep journalism, as opposed to breaking news, will have to come via print (partially disseminated on the web) and documentaries (ditto). (The web and modern tech is made for breaking news and I still believe that subscriptions can pay for it.) Harper’s delivers the print equivalent, pretty much: deep analytical, thought-out pieces, delivered in print and (also for a price) online. Now if it was just weekly….

Ooh, look how Beloved Leader succeeded in creating an ownership society — he failed miserably, like at everything he attempted in his life.

Gee, Obama thinks as highly of the teabaggers as I do….

Michael Steele’s 100 days of successes.

Losing Pakistan: Something to think about…. Same guy has another interesting theory, this one about the release (he says) of Isabel Betancourt…. Implicitly explains why someone patriotic enough to want to be president of her country is now happily in self-exile.

Michael Moore reminds us not to scapegoat Bernie Madoff ’cause he was so far from being the only one….

Sheer genius:

My congressman is so excited by this but unfortunately yet not unexpectedly, it neglects to accomplish the most important thing: outlawing usury.


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