Sunday Ain’t Our Day of Rest; Out of My Mind for 26 April 2009

Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.’ And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying. — Ronald Reagan

Okay, Ronnie, I’m judging. You’re nearly as bad as ex-Beloved Leader. Maybe I’d give a little wee pass for incipient Alzheimer’s but that be judging you based on your age. So by your standard, you suck, historically.

Can’t provide links (re: Obama, it was a post somewhere on the week of 22 April), but this is interesting. Obama is too scared to lead by taking a hard position. Say, stopping destructive Big Finance speculation and loose credit and lending. The GOP is to scared to do anything but keep pushing the same delusional nonsense. The worst economic global disaster since the 20s and 30s and all our leaders are cowards, too frightened to address the problems other than restoring the same dysfunctional system….

Oooh, just in case, the Pirate Bay’s successor is… Google.

Happy days are here again: Wall Street bonuses are back to normal. Why fix the dysfunctional system when it’s so much easier to just reward the failures of your supporters, whose sole success involves wrecking the global economy for immediate personal wealth?

GM clearly has no faith in GM.

If the economy’s so wonderful and happy days are here again, why are insiders dumping their shares? What do they know that neither you, I nor Team Obama don’t? (Well, in the case of the last, I truly hope they do know but just don’t care because since all they care about is their Big Finance supporters, the economy per se is irrelevant to their goals.) Chrysler Financial’s willing to go out of business if it must in order to give out big bonuses.

I love McClatchy. Them I’ll miss when they go out of business — and that’s just about the only newspaper I will miss. Just some lovely, lovely work. I hold them hire than the Times because the Times spews so much stuff daily with little as significant and with the occasional embarrassment.

And I love McClatchy today ’cause they tell us that at least as of 2004, the CIA said torture yielded nothing. (In torture’s defense, it does work for getting misinformation (McClatchy again!) and, of course, without torture, “24” would surely not be the success it is.)

He may be a former DWI but he’s with the program and he’s not quite keeping it to hisself. (Laura Bush did the same thing but, of course, didn’t get the wrath of the wingnuts drawn down on her ass. Actually, she’s apparently significantly worse than Ricky, not that the wingnuts care.)

Big Banks want to exacerbate the problem of abandoned homes.

Nick Von Hoffman votes for, that the rosy announcements aren’t rose but brown, like bullshit.

Big surprise: Crap corporate debt defaults on the rise.

Update: Joe Lieberman, closer to God that thee or me, is still an asshole.

Do this!! This asshole has well-earned all the torture we can direct his way: Poster boy fodern GOP America, a disgrace to our nation.

A good use of prosecuratorial resources:

When the adults began to crowd around Mr. Skumanick, the 17-year-old worried they could see her photo and recalls she said, “I think the worst punishment is knowing that all you old guys saw me naked. I just think you guys are all just perverts.”


Legal research: Now outsourced to India. I think they’all just got lucky this time….

Why’d Tedisco give up in the NY20? Is there a clue here?? Was he on the verge of being caught for typical corruption?

Mendacity of the wingnuts: Always defending America’s abuses by saying if the scum of the earth does it, so Should America. Always holding this nation to the lowest standards possible.

Another mystery: Who and/or what is behind Levi Johnston’s sudden prominence?

Good questions for the teabaggers — who, of course, are utterly unable to provide any answers….

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