Saturday Super Special: Out of My Mind for 25 April 2009

By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity. Another man’s, I mean. — Mark Twain

Homemade movie!

Maybe you don’t need or shouldn’t watch this:


Wow! Windows 7 must be pretty damn awesome because they’re already working on Win8. Yet another reason to pass on a new WinOS. Great business plan in a recession: Obsolete a new product before it ships. But then, Micro$oft’s marketing operation has always been pretty second rate when it can’t just rely on a monopolized market.

The free vote returns. Ireland goes back to paper. But only for economic reasons.

Listen to the long version of why DRM truly sucks:


More about it here.

The real version of “Gran Torino”. And with a happy ending, so far.

The Brits: Real anti-terrorist asshole wankers, huh?

Good: A real American terrorist suffers.

Bummer: Bronx Zoo lays off animals!

Lesson learned? Obama passes on destructive bipartisanship? Realizes you can’t compromise with someone dead set against your policy and goal??

Why the Bushies hated the CIA: It called torture torture and found it ineffective. (What the wingnuts missed in the recent report: No one said that the great intel obtained by torture could only have been obtained by torture, that nothing less would have done the job.)

My adjacent congressional district (NY20) goes Dem!

The way damn coolest commercial you’ll see today!

Watch: “The Avengers”; Marvel Comics’ nightmare:

The truth about the Boston Tea Party of 1773Spoiler! The modern wingnut teabaggers once again won’t accept the truth.


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