Sic. Sad. Pathological. Out of My Mind for 24 April 2009

“The only truly dead are those who have been forgotten.” — Yiddish Proverb

Lyrics of the day:

Am I young enough to believe in revolution
Am I strong enough to get down on my knees and pray
Am I high enough on the chain of evolution
To respect myself, and my brother and my sister
And perfect myself in my own peculiar way

I get lazy, and forget my obligations
I’d go crazy, if I paid attention all the time
And I want justice, but I’ll settle for some mercy

Kris Kristofferson; “Pilgrim’s Progress”

So who lost Pakistan? (Yeah, yeah, it hasn’t happened, but that’s no reason to start the finger pointing now.)

A waterboard torture memo: The music video:

High profile Big Media putz; another leader on Big Media’s death march.

Great: More bad news from Dr. Doom.

This is how to attend a reunion (more here):

God, them oil sheiks are sick. I mean, sick in a bad, sick way. They torture for fun with their cops’ OK. Watch the story:

A victory in suppression of women for the Christofascists.

Now China’s hacking the NYPD (which I’m sure is easily hackable). Back in ’07, saw some first graders at a Shanghai “elite” public school learning programming. The unasked, unanswered questions were, of course, why and, more pertinently, if 6 year olds are coding, what are the older kids doing?

This is sad.

Look, the GOP has a leader and he’s a complete idiot. Watch him in action:

It’s a sad, pathetic cliche: A black man worth exploiting but not worth helping or supporting. Now Tyson has a real reason for his anger….

Happy news: This is awesome when you think about. Everything about it is awesome even if not perfect.

So GM really wants to go out of business. It wants to give away its brains for a pittance. Clearly, it has no desire to build anything terribly good.

More happy news: Not only do modern bras make the most modestly endowed woman look hot, but they can also save lives!


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