Special Dung and Liars Edition; Out of My Mind for April 23, 2009

So yesterday was Earth Day and I missed it. Unsuccessfully tried to get the Mrs. to by a hybrid, failed. Me, I find an average of less than 30 mpg unacceptable, but I’m weird.

This is sad, sad, sad (pun intended).

Torture: Maybe it works, but is it really necessary??

Query: This sort of reminded me: Other than going paranoidly after suspected thieves, what has the RIAA done to help increase sales?

I hate this song:


More Republican repression of expression from Obama. It’s 1992 all over again: We for a progressive and end up with an Eisenhower Republican. (Actullly, to the right of Ike in Obama’s case.)

Learn how to communicate with dead people.

Professor K explains how banks turn their losses and illiquidity into fake profitability. The banks dishonesty is so obvious that after the third dishonest announcement, even Wall Street treated them as bad news. Imagine: Announcements of profitability caused the Dow to drop.

The very short version of “How the Bushies Took Us to War in Iraq for Dummies”. (Spoiler: They lied then used torture to create support.)

This is a travesty. Watch:

Breakthrough invention of the day: a golf cart that runs on shit dung. Will sell great in India what with all the sacred cowshit laying around and all….

Speaking of dung India: Indians learn from Hitler. This clearly explains my experience with an Indian call center the other night.

The mid-size version of the lies and thievery of Micro$oft: Here and here.

Seriously, is there an explanation for this: People who preside over losses and other managerial failures get bonuses? It’s bad enough a board isn’t canning inept top managers, but giving them bonuses? WTF, indeed. Maybe the Times can run a piece explaining it….

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