Really, Who Needs Any of Them? Out of My Mind for 19 April 2009

A thought; the metaphor of the world’s sole superpower: It’s like a rich bully. Though strong and wealthy, can he really accomplish or control very much? What does pushing people around thoughtlessly actually accomplish very much? (This and this got me thinking. And here’s proof of what the sole superpower can’t accomplish.) And our elite is more concerned with that most mature goal of destroying the future for that most American desire, immediate gratification. (The nation’s elite has the maturity of babies… and Our Leaders see no problem with this.)

A common threat to health; seems the Times hides it on a blog. With this kind of feel for news that matters to readers, it’s no wonder the papers’ audiences are growing…. I mean, this page 1 stuff, not dump online stuff. Meanwhile, the Times just discovered what a crap job Obama’s doing. Must’ve been too busy listening to his line of crap to actually, you know, do the journalistic thing and see what was going on.

The sickness of the wingnuts. One party is lead by extremists pandering to destroyers of the economy and nutjobs, the other refuses to recognize what needs to be done and to lead. We live in a no-party state! Another lie they love.

A wingnut columnist discovers a new threat to everything: jeans. My God, this is a throwback to may youth, when conservatives were all know-nothing reactionary idiots!

Yes, why isn’t there a band called The Dick Armey?

Update: Clarence Thomas is still the idiot we always thought he was.

Maybe the obvious failure of the Raygun Revolution has driven Rush absolutely insane:

You’ve been warned:

The scum that is Jamie Dimon’s Chase bank.

Bummer: Looks like the Virginia GOP doesn’t like young lissome lesbians after all.

Twilight of Big Journalism. As they worry more and more, as more and more (often debt-crushed) papers are folded (pun intended), the journos work ever harder to ensure that the “product” is ever less relevant. Why pay for content when you can get if for free? Why pay for content when it’s worthless?


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