From the No Bull, No Smoking Zone: Out of My Mind for 18 April 2009 (Happy Bar Mitzvah Day, Jakie!)

Work out your own salvation. Do not depend on others. — Buddha

Saw this in the early 80s at whatcha call a revival house in El Ay. It was so awesome, it made you want to start smoking right then and there:

And, for the wingnuts, here’s JW on the history of teabagging (and his role in it).

Matt Taibbi on it (wingnut version).

Speculative fiction weekend reading: Life after Big Finance and their lackeys destroyed the world.

Apparently, the Cultural Revolution spawned some native jokes and some are here.

This sucks.

Quesry: Why would a guy who could do this do it? Certainly, he could have found someone to take him in….

The reward of a modest life, a way to prosper during the econopocalypse.

Found: S.P.E.C.T.R.E.’s current headquarters.

Capital punishment: Crime: Being in the area of a demo.

Big Brother is your co-driver.

This makes me sad. Really. I appreciate that they’re enabling piracy but a lot of the stolen material enables people to sample before buying. It may be piracy but it actually may spawn more sales (empirical evidence is light but seems to support the idea. But see this.) And query how much stuff really is bought instead of stealing. If someone “steals” a movie, how likely were they to go see it or wait to buy a legal DVD? It’s the modern trend of Big Media cutting their noses to spite their faces. By the time this all over, Big Media will be something of a husk. The only way to succeed in music, maybe, will be to go on “Britain Has Talent” and turn on Amanda Holden…. (And here’s one reason I fell in love with Holden.)

No more centaurs…?

Amazing coincidence: M$ accidentally blocks Google. Really. Just a coincidence, I’m sure, you know, given M$’ high standards and all…. M$’ OSes: They just work. Like crap.

Watch this.

Unemployment rate rises.


Old Jews telling jokes:


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