Next: The Desperately Needed Weekend; Out of My Mind for 17 April 2009

Where to stay.

Sometimes cheap isn’t a bargain but just cheap and you’ll really end up paying later.

Unquantifiable cognization quantified.

They’re waiting for Mr. Bond here:

Another Obama mistake.

Here’s one Clintonoid who believes Obama’s economic policies won’t work.

America today: Under corporatism, they absolutely rule, they are above the law.

Don’t quite know how much to blame Obama for the meltdown of Pakistan. Even Republican administrations feel a need to push authoritarian allies towards democracy, albeit often only to the extent of lip service. Still, you’d think that after 9/11 it would have been a snap to get Pakistan to toss all pretense at democracy and declare a state of emergency. Then again, the problem was the infiltration of the government by supporters of so-called radical Islam. And our leaders kept their eyes shut to the spread of that cancer assuming they were aware of it in the first place.

Professor K’s bad news for the day: All the good economic news is just more bullshit.

This obsession with the illegality of the Bushies’ use of torture: You know it’s all sound and light, destined to lead nowhere and to nothing, so why care. To call the last administration a disaster is an understatement….

And the Bushies’ use of torture: a failure. (Although I suspect some of them pushed the policy just ’cause they were turned on by it.) (And all this time Ron Susskind’s been spending investigating the last administration: When’s it gonna drive him absolutely insane?)

Speaking of Susskind, isn’t significant journalism financed and distributed through book publishing? Which, by and by, doesn’t provide it’s content for free? (Aside to those amazed you can now get all the WSJ stuff for free on their iPhone/iPod Touch: From what I can tell, it’s nothing that it hasn’t provided to Crackberry users for years.)

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