Bitter Over the Loss of Hope (Thank You, Barack Obama); Out of My Mind for 16 April 2009

My wife loovved this:



Airheaded chillin’:

I do not quite agree with this but I love it anyway; go figure:

The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization. — Sigmund Freud

These are better:

The only way to entertain some folks is to listen to them. — Kin Hubbard
When you’re through changing, you’re through. — Bruce Barton
Boycott of the Day: Chase Bank. I accidentally do a cash advance of $100 (accidentally used credit card for an ATM withdrawal). Now I owe usurious interest on a couple of thousand dollars. Like borrowing to buy a car but interest is charged based on the value of your home. And it’s all legal. And our elected officials care not all about any aspect of the usury industry. But why expect anything from our elected officials? They’ve all been corrupted.

Why AP sucks; the latest chapter.
Another anti-American Bushie policy with which Hoobama agrees: Secret prisons on American soil.
1947: The S-bomb explodes, paving the way for American hero Timothy McVeigh — or something like that…. (End of joke: Timmy had the smallest scintilla of a point about government oppression, but far too small to justify anything he did in response.)
Yet another great disappointment from Hoobama: His energy secretary actually likes coal, and for no good reason.
Surprise! The NSA’s out of control. Your move, President Hoobama. I guess it’s time to give the agency your full support, huh?
(Ooops! Just remembered: No more “Hoobama” as it insults Herbert Hoover, a greater president and person than Obama, lousy as he was as the former.)
NSFW: Coach of the day. More here!!!!!!
Look what happened to Rudy’s BFF. Like son, like father, I suppose….
Obama’s succeeding; foreclosures up 24% in 2009 Q1.
And another great accomplishment: He got a damn dog. That is hugely important.
Thank God Barack Obama is president. You heard it here first.
Site of the day: The lies of Goldman Sachs. (Not that Obama is the least bit concerned by any of this.)

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